Bringing Together 

Professional Experience & Skills to partner with private and community foundations to create lasting social change

We are Loyal

Loyal believes that “Enterprising” leads to a better future for humanity. Towards this end, are attempting to extend Entrepreneurship to encompass all aspects of human endeavor.

We believe that the whole world is one family and therefore, we have equal right over resources and every person should share equal responsibility towards the world. We are passionate about working towards equality. Being able to contribute towards this dream is what we aim for.

Our team consists of a group of like-minded persons working in diverse fields such as finance, project management, energy, environment and skill development. Our team is organized to execute any project and convert it into reality.


Numbers Speak

Commencing its operations in the year 2000, Loyal group now has a pan-India presence. The numbers below are testimony to our progress in less than two decades.



USD5 Bn.

Investments Catalyzed


Employment Generated

What we do


Our organization provides advisory for setting up businesses in India, carrying out due diligence, compliance services, assisting in business process re-engineering, SOPs data analysis and energy management.

The group commenced its activities in the year 2000 and today has a multi-locational presence, with offices in the States of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and New Delhi.

Our Initiatives

We know the ground realities existing in India and hence know exactly where support is needed

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