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Loyal aspires to support social entrepreneurs,

who aim to make life simple in this self-sustainable globe


The years of experience of working with the corporate sector in India have given us a deep understanding of areas like project conception, business ideation, and execution, best operational practices followed across service and manufacturing sectors, and deep understanding of relevant policy matters.


We desire to leverage our experience and knowledge for providing Project Management Services to cover identification, monitoring, supervision, evaluation, course correction, reporting, and coordination, for social and economic development agencies. 


We intend to be the interface between aid organisations and field level agencies for the successful implementation of their programs. We provide services to develop and implement solutions to socially relevant economic and environmental issues.

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We have a team of experts with experience in diverse areas like Public Sector Projects & Policy Matters, Accountancy, Financial Management, Banking, Supply Chain Management, Foreign Trade, Environment, Health & Safety, and Energy. With the right blend of experts, we help Funding Agencies and Implementing Agencies to bring the right solution to problems. We provide technical assistance for project management as well as advisory support in project planning and documentation.

We provide assistance in the following ways:


Monitoring & Evaluation

Social projects are expected to impact a substantial majority of the populace and monitoring of the results is critical, both for the Funding Agency and the Implementing Agency. We provide assistance by being the Monitoring Arm to ensure end results are being achieved as intended. Our team will work with the Project team to develop SOPs for the monitoring and evaluation process.



Impact Assessment

Our Impact Assessment services include the processes of analyzing, monitoring and managing the social consequences, both positive and negative, of planned interventions (policies, programs, plans, projects). Its primary purpose is to bring about a sustainable and equitable social impact. Impact assessment, therefore, promotes community development and empowerment, builds capacity, and develops social networks.


Governance Support

One of the critical steps in project management and implementation is choosing of project implementation partners. We will be a great support for the verification and evaluation of the Implementing Agencies engaged in social development initiatives.


"Together we can
change the world!"


Our organization will provide support to philanthropists, NGOs, corporations and governments to design and implement practical and impactful socially beneficial programs.

Thus, using our experience and utilizing the knowledge and experience of our team of professionals, we will, through our chosen practice areas, support the successful implementation of projects undertaken by them for the betterment of society.

Projects' Summary

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