Our Service Lines

Loyal aspires to support social entrepreneurs, who aim to make life simple in this self-sustainable globe.

The years of experience of working with the corporate sector in India has given us a deep understanding of areas like project conception, business ideas and execution, best operational practices followed across service and manufacturing sectors, and deep knowledge of policy matters applicable to industry. We desire to leverage our experience and knowledge for providing Project Management Services to cover identification, monitoring, supervision, evaluation, course correction, reporting and coordination, for social and economic development agencies. We intend to be the interface between Aid Organisations and field level agencies for the successful implementation of their programs.

Our organization will provide support to philanthropists, NGOs, corporations and governments to design and implement practical and impactful socially beneficial programs. Thus, using our experience and utilizing the knowledge and experience of our team of professionals, we will, through our chosen practice areas, support the successful implementation of projects undertaken by them for the betterment of society.

Research & Analysis


Information and meaningful data are critical in the development of actionable solutions to problems. We can conduct surveys for collection and analysis of primary research data for Governments, NGOs, corporations and philanthropists.

Technical Assistance


We have a team of experts in diverse areas like Public Sector Projects & Policy Matters, Accountancy, Financial Management, Banking, Supply Chain Management, Foreign Trade, Environment, Health & Safety and Energy. We will work to bring together the right blend of experts to bring the right solution to problems. We will enable providing the how-tos that enable Funding Agencies and Implementing Agencies in achieving their objectives. We can provide technical assistance for project management as well as the selection of area of operation for the project.



One of the critical steps in project management and implementation is choosing of project partners by the Funding Agency. We will be a great support for verification and evaluation of the Implementing Agencies engaged in relevant social development initiatives.

Monitoring & Evaluation


In all endeavors, social or commercial, a project passes through three critical stages of design, execution and evaluation. Social projects are expected to impact a substantial majority of the populace and monitoring of the results is critical, both for the Funding Agency and the Implementing Agency.  We can assist the Funding Agency and Implementing Agency by being their Monitoring Arm to ensure end results are being achieved as intended.

Projects' Summary

  • Our Assurance Services has a team of Field Executives who are trained in the areas of data collection, collation of reports and assessment of objective measurement parameters. Till date, we have conducted Field Audits for 100 companies at 1000 locations.

  • We have conducted Due Diligence & Distributor Network Analysis for a cement manufacturing company in the State of Rajasthan covering more than 100 dealers/distributors.

  • Experience in Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Society