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Loyal Corporate Consultant Private Limited

We hand-hold our clients right from project planning up to execution & monitoring. We provide advisory services related to 

  1. Project Planning

  2. Professional Assistance​

  3. Regulatory




It is said that ‘Well begun is half done’. Our team assists entrepreneurs at this critical initial stage by helping in the decision making relating to project location as well as other infrastructure planning about the project.

Our team of experts provides project planning services in the following areas:


  • Land acquisition from State Industrial Development Corporation

  • Industrial Licenses and Permissions

  • Environmental Approvals


Professional Assistance to Industrial Unit to get optimum support

One of the most important aspects of a business is the decision making relating to project planning, especially in the context of the industrial policy of the geographical area where the project is being planned. We assist the client in identifying the right policy support, which is a time-consuming and challenging task, but which can have a significant impact on the success of the project. We provide valuable assistance to the client about the project location by providing inputs relating to the policy aspect of each location. Our team is quite active and instrumental in providing assistance to our clients in availing of optimum policy support to ensure that the clients’ project runs smoothly and efficiently over a period of time.



Regulatory Advisory

Till date, we have worked and assisted more than 70 projects in diverse sectors. This has equipped our team to collect practical feedback from project implementation team about difficulties faced by them in availing of support under the policy. Hence, we act as the connector between government authorities and entrepreneurs.

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